What are websites? A website is commonly defined as a collection of related web pages collected and published on a web server, usually identified with a common domain name. Websites are useful tools for social movements and innovation as they provide a resource to collate various findings and ideas into one space, as well as providing room for the exchange of ideas in comments sections. According to the International Telecommunication Union In 2015, 3.2 billion people have access to the internet (of them, 2 billion are from developing countries, including 89 million from the least developed countries) meaning that websites are accessible to a huge amount of people and therefore can democratise information and knowledge. This also manages to spread ideas very far geographically and across a high number of people for either free or a relatively low cost.

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Case Study- Ma3route & Zusha!

How can I use them? For those looking to build a website for free, the most popular programme is WordPress (in 2017 50.7% of the top 10 million websites were hosted by WordPress), however there are also other popular free options such as Wix, Drupal and Joomla. WordPress has options to pay for upgrades to more complex designs and streamlined domain names, however it is possible to create a good quality website on the free setting. This is a very good straightforward guide to setting up a website, however most servers that allow you to create a website include accessible stage-by-stage instructions.

Image © 2014 Andreas Kainz & Uri Herrera & Andrew Lake & Marco Martin & Harald Sitter & Jonathan Riddell & Ken Vermette & Aleix Pol & David Faure & Albert Vaca & Luca Beltrame & Gleb Popov & Nuno Pinheiro & Alex Richardson & Jan Grulich & Bernhard Landauer & Heiko Becker & Volker Krause & David Rosca & Phil Schaf / KDE

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