Case Study – Youth4PublicTransport Global Transport Hackathon Montreal 2017

Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT) Foundation, with the support of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) aims to promote the organization of local transport hackathons around the world. By combining the “best of boundless human creativity and the benefits of current information and communications technologies” in collaborative environments, the Y4PT aims to advance the transport sector towards sustainability. The event is organised at a local up to an international level; winners of from each local transport hackathon (held in 20 major cities around the world) joined Canadian hackers in Montreal to go head-to-head, developing ground-breaking solutions to today’s most serious transport problems. The Hackathon projects have two pre-requisites; to contribute to the goal of doubling public transport’s market share worldwide and to be in line with the UN’s SDGs (specifically Target 11.2)


The joint winners were announced at the opening ceremony of the 62nd UITP (International Association for Public Transport) Global Public Transport Summit (the world’s oldest and leading sustainable transport event). Winners Team Ditch (from Cambridge, UK) developed an educational and gaming app for children to encourage the use of sustainable transport, offering points and rewards depending on the emissions of the vehicle you are driving. Other winners Team upWay (from Brussels, Belguim) developed a navigation app that includes 3D modelling and augmented reality technology. The app also includes a feature that allows users to discover surrounding restaurants, services and entertainment, adding to upWay’s goal of unlocking cities to visitors. Second place was awarded to Team Air4, who created a mobile measuring station for air pollution, and an app that uses data from the device to calculate travel routes with the lowest pollution rate and third place went to Team uDeliver whose app aimed to integrate food delivery with commutes as to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

Hackathon 1

Y4PT are currently in the 2017-2019 wave of their international hackathons and are inviting more cities to get involved. Click here for more details

*Sustainable Development Goals – 3, 9.1, 11.2.1 &11.3.2

Transport issues addressed – City planning, cycling, public transport, road safety, traffic, air quality, drink driving

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