Case Study- Graffiti Girls, Kenya

Established in 2015, Graffiti Girls is a collective of three women in their twenties who paint murals and matatus in towns and slums such as Korogocho and Kariobangi. They are mentored by prominent Kenyan graffiti artists such as Smoki, Swift, Bantu and Kerosh. In addition to their more light-hearted work, Graffiti Girls also tackle issues like FGM, rape, discrimination, education and drunk driving in their art- their most famous matatu mural proudly proclaims “WE EQUAL!” They are also trying to mentor and involve younger girls in their project.

Check out this article to see photographs, an interview and a video.

*Sustainable Development Goals – 3.6, 5.5, 9.1 & 11.3.2

Transport issues addressed – Public transport (matatus), road safety, drink driving.

Photo Credit: Graffiti Girls, Kenya

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