Case Study – Korogocho Streetscapes Urban Laboratory

Korogocho Streetscapes aims to engage youth in the urban transformation process by undertaking placemaking schemes in Kenya. Activities including Talking Walls, sport activities on the street, pop-up music events and Open Streets allow young people to be involved in the development of their local public spaces.

Korogocho Streetscapes describes itself as an urban laboratory that suggests an inclusive way of working with urban development through activities and small-scale, high-impact implementations within the public space and the streetscape.  The ethos is more on spontaneity rather than on fixed design planning rules. The streets are viewed as a common performance ground to integrate sports, art and play to create a stronger, collective identity for the Korogocho area and in particular through the inclusion of children and youth who are often left out in decision-making processes.

Some of the open-street events have included roller-skating, football tournaments, street-art, pop-up concerts and the Nairobi Placemaking week. In 2016 a local culture hub was established, from where the various project ideas can developed, improved and then carried out in the streetscape.

Korogocho Streetscapes activity -
Korogocho Streetscapes activity see:

In 2016 the Open Streets project was extended to downtown Nairobi for a Placemaking Week led by UN-Habitat and Nairobi City County, incorporating ideas about community, streets and identity. Korogocho also offers programs designed to increase the self-belief of women and girls in these areas.

Find out more on the website here.

Sustainable Development Goals – 3.6, 5.5, 9.1, 11.2.1 & 11.3.2

Transport issues addressed – City planning, public transport, road safety.

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