Case Study- Nairobi Visualisation Travel Map

Students and researchers at the University of Nairobi, the Centre for Sustainable Urban Development at Columbia University and the Civic Data Design Lab at MIT worked together to produce a new map of the public travel routes across the city. The new visualisation was created after collecting data by carrying mobile phones and GPS devices along every route in the network, allowing residents and planners to see the whole system diagrammatically for the first time. This use of maps links to the knowledge exchange that was part of the AHRC funded Improved Community Engagement through Spatial and Visualisation

Nairobi Transit Visualisation- Case Study for Visualisation 1

Image copyright Digital Mutatus, 2015.

The Digital Mutatus website has more information about how the project was carried out.

*Sustainable Development Goals – 3.6, 9.1 & 11.2.1

Transport issues addressed – City planning, public transport (matatus), road safety, traffic.

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