Case Study- Placemaking Nairobi

Placemaking Nairobi is an organisation that brings together creative groups in Nairobi to get involved in placemaking schemes. Their most successful program is the annual ‘Placemaking Week’ that is held in Nairobi. The website describes it as “a week-long event that celebrates Nairobi’s public spaces and community-led activities which are revolutionising the use and experience of public spaces and the city at large.


The annual event leverages on the expertise, experience and interest of various government agencies, bi-lateral and multilateral agencies, the business community, Non-governmental organisations, civil society organisations, community-based organisations, the academia, youth organisations and residents associations to heighten awareness on the value of public spaces, activate public spaces & raise their status.” The Placemaking Nairobi website  has more information on all the projects run by the organisation and this video shows activities from the 2016 Placemaking Week.

This article also has a rundown of  the main events during Placemaking Week.

*Sustainable Development Goals – 3.6, 5.5, 9.1, 11.2.1 & 11.3.2

Transport issues addressed – City planning, public transport, road safety.

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