First cycling lane in Kampala

In a first for Kampala city, this month the Kampala Capital City Authority finished the construction of a cycling lane as one step towards a city with inclusive transport infrastructure.

This lane means cyclists can ride without fear of being knocked.

Kampala people have been fearing to cycle around the city because of the hostility and the risk of accidents that meet on their way.

This new cycle path is along Archer Road in the upscale Kampala suburb of Kololo.

In a Facebook post, KCCA said it was working to provide space for all modes of transport, including wide traffic lanes, green cycle lanes and walkways for pedestrians to move safely.

It added: “We are also working to have the green cycle lanes along Luwumu street and Namirembe road as part of the Non-Motorised Transport (NMT).”

KCCA says this cycling lane is one of the many that will be constructed around Kampala, including the NMT project

The NMT project along Namirembe road is where researchers from University of York, Makerere University, and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) are working to use creative methods to change people’s perceptions towards the project.

This is through a project named i-CMiiST or “implementing Creative Methodological innovations for inclusive and Sustainable Transport project “– research intervention being undertaken both in Nairobi and Kampala.

The aim is to show what good such project can bring to a city like Kampala by including a wider cross-section or residents in urban planning to improve sustainable mobility.

And Ugandans are loving the changes.

“A cycling lane in Kampala!” exclaimed a one Joseph Beyanga on Twitter. “This is a very good development on Archer road ensuring safety for cyclists and order in the city. More of these will make Kampala a better city for all”.

The pedestrians also have their own walkway along the route. Being a new thing, it means the city authority must be hard on motorists like one in this picture that invades the cyclists’ lane. Enforcement of rules around use of the spaces will be key to success.
Building more inclusive city transport infrastructure is not only good for movement but also ensures safety and wellbeing benefits for residents and promotes economic opportunities.

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  1. I agree with you. To end perennial snarl-ups in Kampala, we need multi-modal transport infrastructure. This is a good start.

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