Nairobi Placemaking 2018

Placemaking (#3) is taking place in Nairobi 30th October – 3 November

Placemaking is the process by which users of a public open space come together with other interested parties to turn the space into a clean, safe, useful and memorable place for their use. A public open space refers to any freely accessible space used by the public for work, recreation or transit- e.g bus stops, footbridges,  streets , playgrounds or  even base ya mtaa.

The main theme for Placemaking 2018 is CONNECTIVITY, focusing on the interconnection between various public spaces,  fostering social interaction in public spaces and connecting various stakeholders to discuss and work together towards creating quality public spaces in Nairobi.


The main objectives guiding the Placemaking Week 2018 are:

  • To increase awareness about the features and importance of quality public spaces through the implementation of selected of placemaking interventions;
  • To initiate the Luthuli Revitalization Project and explore the potential for the pedestrianization of Luthuli Avenue while documenting the experience to guide future discussions on the subject;
  • To undertake placemaking interventions designed to specifically connect selected public spaces in Nairobi central business district and demonstrate the concept of “connectivity of public spaces” and its value;
  • To initiate a strategy and partnerships for sustainable management of placemaking interventions conducted during the Placemaking Week and explore wider application of the strategy and partnerships in public space management;
  • To engage policy makers and other stakeholders in dialogues designed to promote walkability of streets, connectivity of spaces and involvement of the public in public space management.

Planned Activities (subject to change)

Placemaking Week 2018 will take place on two different sites: The National Archives and Luthuli Avenue. The different activities will aim to create an easy flow within these dispersed public spaces and form a connected network.

National Archives (NA) – Luthuli Ave (LA)

  • Car free days:  (LA)  31/10 – 2/11
  • Outdoor shops and restaurants: (LA) – 31/10 – 2/11
  • Street furniture painting (NA) – 31/10-1/11
  • Urban Design Competition – Showcase of designs – (LA) 31/10 – 2/11
  • Urban Design Competition – Public voting for designs – (LA) 2/11
  • Tree planting (NA) 2/11
  • High Level Urban Dialogue (Main City Hall) 31/10
  • Concert by Kalapapla (NA) 2/11
  • Roller skating/Street Soccer (LA) 31/10-2/11

Other related activities

  • Critical Mass Nairobi – Will promote cycling as a non-motorized transport mode whereby cyclists will start and finish on Luthuli Avenue on Saturday 3rd November.
  • Standard Chartered Marathon– Scheduled for 28th October and will be used to promote Placemaking Week and invite the participants to come and enjoy a completely car-free Mama Ngina street with outdoor restaurants after the race.
  • Nairobi-wide Changing Faces Competition launch (Dandora) – date to be announced – Changing Faces Competition is an award-winning fun mobilization tool to engage citizens around Public Space Management. The event will bring together existing and aspiring young placemakers from the entire Nairobi and will showcase what has been done in Dandora. This will allow us to display the diversity of placemaking efforts and possible sites where placemaking approach can be applied.

Further details will be announced and watch out for more information on social media.

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