Ring Road Photographic Expo Brings out the ‘Reality of the Streets’

Between the 26th October and the 2nd of November the Ring Road i-CMiiST team held two ‘Expo’s’ where they displayed the merger between the previous held participatory mapping exercise and the street photography exercises.

streetside Expo

The objective of the expos was to get citizens’ views and derive proposals from both vehicle drivers (Expo at Yaya Centre Shopping Mall), pedestrians and street vendors (Expo along the street). The main areas of discussion were the levels of safety on the street, design and user challenges and proposals for changes.

The participants attending the expos noted that Yaya Centre was a pulling factor in the area. They pointed out the positive infrastructure changes over the years including pedestrian walkways, street lights, traffic lights and pedestrian crossing.


However, they also highlighted several challenges that the area faced including street lights not being fully functional/provided, cars occupy pedestrian walk ways, open drainage channels which are dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians, public service vehicles (PSVs) ignoring traffic lights, traffic police over-riding signals, informal traders occupying pedestrian walkways and motorcyclists always using the pedestrian walk ways and cyclists lanes in order to cut corners. Irregular parking and terminus points was also noted.


Their suggestions on future developments in the area were:

  • scaling up the i-CMiiST proposals to streets in other neighbourhoods;
  • informal traders should not occupy the pedestrian walk ways
  • proper land use planning to allocate spaces for traders, bus termini and taxi parking
  • eliminating theft in the street to promote walking
  • providing for facilities that accommodate the aged/elderly/people
  • providing traffic signs for cyclists and pedestrians; and
  • motorcycles should not occupy the pedestrian ways and cyclists lanes

i-CMiiST offer many thanks to the Yaya Centre management and County Government of Nairobi who enabled us to have these activities.

Report by Abubakar Mngatana

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