i-CMiiST team works on NMT scorecard

The Ring Road Kilimani i-CMiiST team have been experimenting using a ‘Non Motorized Transit’ scorecard that rates people as ‘Bronze, Silver or Gold Ambassadors of NMT.’

The scorecard is issued to people who are willing to share information on their mobility and looks at the transport mode used on that particular time/day,  frequency of NMT use as well as attitudes towards NMT.  Responses are then scored and the cumulative total gives the individual an overall rating as an ‘Ambassador of NMT.’

It is clear to many surveyed that the city of Nairobi lacks adequate NMT infrastructure but there is also an attitude problem towards walking and cycling. Many people view walking as something negative and this was evident in the media recently when there were some reforms in the public transport sector and people were forced to walk long distances.

The Scorecard will soon be available online for people to know where they rate as NMT Ambassadors.

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