• With only 2% of the world’s vehicles but 16% of road fatalities, Africa has been hit particularly hard by the global road safety crisis.
  • 60% of Kampala’s daily commute trips are on foot yet infrastructure provision for non-motorised transport remains mainly aspirational
  • Inclusion of vulnerable communities in the development of streetscape infrastructure to support their journeys is rare; but considering their livelihood and social interaction needs in planning is even less common.

Addressing sustainable mobility for developing country cities is therefore a key urbanisation challenge linked to the delivery of the United Nations New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This project is funded by the British Academy Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) as part of their ‘Cities & Infrastructure’ programme‘. We will be working in Kampala and Nairobi to develop, co-design and implement some creative methods (CMs) to identify sustainable transport options that enable more people to make the journeys they need, safely and efficiently.

Our research will:

  • Use CM to generate practice recommendations targeted at decision making groups for more inclusive & sustainable urban travel planning assisting Sustainable Development Goal delivery.

Our objectives are to:

  • Investigate benefits of deploying CMs in terms of widen cross-section of engagement (particularly amongst vulnerable residents);
  • identifying practical and beneficial urban design schemes.
  • Identify co-benefits in terms of increased social capital amongst vulnerable communities.
  • Evaluate the impact of co-design on urban planner’s beliefs around the effectiveness of CMs

We will do this by identifying case studies in both Kampala and Nairobi where CMs can be used to support transport interventions aimed at improving streetscapes e.g. road safety, accessibility and usability for all road users. We will monitor and evaluate how successful CMs have been in engaging, communicating and informing different stakeholders during 2018.



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