AfricanCityPlanner Blog

Great blog by #CMIIST Workshop participant Constant Cap M.A (Urban and Regional Planning), Nairobi, Kenya which has been nominated for a Best of Kenyan Bloggers award. Covers various aspects of urban planning, placemaking and sustainable transport including aerial cable transportation (urban cable cars). See:

Transport poetry

Inside a matatu van Kirui Frank Junior Jan 19, 2015 On my way On the way I come Highway that jam Fumes and smoke Outskirts of a town Worries and strain Cars up and down Headache a spark! I call it my travel Inside a matatu van Heating and boiling us Or me I be specific... Continue Reading →

Sonification of New York taxis

Sonification is a method for presenting data with sound. The notion of its use as a means of engagement is that people can perceive changes and draw conclusions easier and faster by listening to acoustic data in real time. In some practices it used to identify anomalies in large datasets. It is also used as... Continue Reading →

Urban Cycle Clubs in Nairobi

A film called The Bike Gang by artist Sam Hopkins tells the story of biking in Nairobi, indirectly, through the anecdotes that bikers tell each other. This piece of work follows from another on the subject done in collaboration with John Kamicha called ' Thika Road mad boys_Until death do us part_Wazungu wausi (Black white... Continue Reading →

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