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In the race to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), cities across the globe face many challenges. These include air pollution, congestion, road safety and lack of equitable and inclusive accessibility often linked to poor and inadequate infrastructure.

City administrations and local authorities are struggling to overcome these challenges and often fail to engage with vulnerable stakeholders who feel the impacts most. Such issues were recently highlighted a the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA#3) whose rallying cry to “Beat Pollution” was seized upon by the media.

Goal 11 of the UN SDGs calls for “inclusive and sustainable urbanization increasing capacity for participatory, integrated and sustainable human settlement planning and management”.

One such approach to galvanise action across all levels of society is to use creative methods such as participatory video, community mapping, social media campaigns, art installations, storytelling, photo-journalism, music, poetry and drama.

Creative methods can be used to explore new ideas and concepts, visualise proposed plans and to engage with a wide range of stakeholders. I-CMiiST intends to use creative methods to generate new practice recommendations targeted at decision making groups such as public authorities and transport bodies to address these issues.

Creative methods can be used to identify where the problems exist and develop solutions (both hard and soft) through bottom-up co-design looking at how people interact with existing streetscapes and traffic systems whilst seeking to re-balance priorities between motorised and sustainable transport modes. In addition, the project is using creative methods to enhance communication and stakeholder engagement, particularly schoolchildren.


Click on the creative methods below for a description and links to case studies:

Participatory GIS



Social Media

Video Games

Virtual / Augmented reality




Mass Media – Radio


Interactive Installations


Street art

Visual Art


Graphic/Visual Recording


Mass Media – TV

Participatory video

Photo Journalism




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