Nairobi – Case Study #2 – Yaya Junction

Photo of Kilimani RingRoad Nairobi
Yaya junction on Kilimani Ring Road Nairobi. One of the i-CMiiST case study locations

The Issue:

This case study location is at Ring Road Kilimani, with emphasis around the Yaya Centre junction. The area is a known as an accident hotspot, and has a large use of Non-Motorized Transport (pedestrians, cyclists, cart pullers).

The land use of the area is dynamic as it hosts a major shopping mall, a church, a fuel station, garage, bank and several informal businesses.

There are three major matatu termini (Ring Road, Wood Ave, Kibureti Sacco) and one bus stop (Yaya) in the area. The area serves public transport users to and from over 6 destinations (Ngong, Kawangware, Satelite, Westlands, Town, Kileleshwa, Kanunganga, Kibera).

The area faces several key challenges including driver’s apathy towards traffic lights, poor street design, tension between authorities and informal traders, poor bus-stop design, uncoordinated road signs and no consideration for on-street parking.

Location: Kilimani Ring Road

kilmani ringroadMap2

Creative Methods:

The project will be present at the Street Festival held in July. An initial awareness of the project activities and discussion around the issues is made using social media, participatory mapping and tactical urbanism. In addition, blogs, GIFs, and infographics will be utilised more to generate dialogue. A detailed literature review and desktop research will be carried out to identify creative method approaches.


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  • Constant Cap posts a blog about Inclusivity
  • i-CMiiST hosted an Urban Dialogue in Nairobi


Constant Cap talks about the issues facing the area and the creative method approaches that will be used.

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