Kampala – Case Study #1 Bombo Road Schools

BAt Valley - School CrossingThe Issue:

According to the Overseas Development Institute and the World Resources Institute the numbers road fatalities are rising (See, ODI ) and a high percentage of these occur in low and middle-income counties (LMICs). It is now the biggest killer of young people worldwide. More young people aged between 15-29 die from road crashes than from HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, or homicide (See Global status report on road safety, 2017). The UN Sustainable Development Goals calls for a 50% reduction of road traffic deaths & injuries by 2020 (see SDG 3.6 )

In 2010, during the 65th United Nations General Assembly, governments adopted a resolution announcing the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.
Countries around the world have undertaken a range of activities to make roads safer: including: developing and enforcing laws to limit speed, reduce drink-driving, and increase the use of seatbelts as well as promoting road safety education (e.g. Youth and Road Safety Action Kit).

Location: Bat Valley Primary School and Buganda Rd Primary SchoolBatValley3

The Bat Valley case study is designed to engage schoolchildren who need to cross a busy highway – Kampala road – every day to and from school. This area can get very congested especially due to the number of vehicles bringing pupils to the school as well as other service vehicles. The proposed interventions by the creative experts are expected to make it easy to cross, reduce accidents, and ensure motorists are aware the place is a sensitive area that requires them to slow down.

This location is also used by pupils from Buganda Road primary school and so the project will have an additional impact in terms of the number of people who will benefit from the intervention.

Creative methods:

The team will hold a Hack-earth-on  to create spaces for different stakeholders  (policy makers, urban planners, public) to participate in discussing urban planning and mobility issues around safe school travel. Schoolchildren will be specifically targeted through mass awareness  campaigns/outreach activities to improve  knowledge and understating of road safety and use of roads. This will be backed up with further events on road safety at school assemblies, in classes and linking to national campaigns and events.

Bat Valley School Photo
Bat Valley School – Kampala

A participatory arts approach will be used to engage the children/school by creating sculpture installations which highlight issues and raise awareness about road safety. They will use recycle materials (plastic bottles, metals, etc) to create sculptures which consider both road safety and environmental impacts.  Furthermore, in order to raise awareness about the issues to other road users in the locality and to improve road safety for schoolchildren the team will coordinate painting a novel zebra crossing (in 3-D/ optical illusion – see this newspaper article for an example).

Finally, a school event will be held to sustain conversations among children on road safety and to showcase the outputs from the project (film/artwork) .

See what the Kampala team have also been doing to install a zebra crossing on the road used by the schoolchildren.

icmiist-kampala-Zebra2More information.


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