Case Study – Sustainable Transport in Brighton (Photo essay by Jonathon Goldberg, sponsored by Southern Rail)

Commissioned by the train company Southern Rail to demonstrate the range of sustainable travel methods in the city of Brighton, this is a vibrant and fun photo essay by Jonathon Goldberg. Highlights include photographs of council workers implementing low emissions zones, children taking part in an incentivised ‘cycle-to-school’ project and the Big Lemon Festival Coach... Continue Reading →

Urban Cycle Clubs in Nairobi

A film called The Bike Gang by artist Sam Hopkins tells the story of biking in Nairobi, indirectly, through the anecdotes that bikers tell each other. This piece of work follows from another on the subject done in collaboration with John Kamicha called ' Thika Road mad boys_Until death do us part_Wazungu wausi (Black white... Continue Reading →

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