Case Study – Kampala Capital City Authority Talk Show on NTV

As part of public communication and marketing for the Non-Motorized Transport pilot project for Kampala, a one hour long live call in Television talk show was held on NTV-Uganda on 9th August 2015. It was organized by Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and funded by UN-Habitat. The panel consisted of the Manager for Traffic and... Continue Reading →


Case Study – VERGE Hawaii Sustainability Conference Presentations, 2016

Centred on Honolulu’s goal to be powered fully by renewable energy by 2045, the VERGE Hawaii conference saw speakers take innovative storytelling approaches to discuss sustainability on the island. For example, to highlight how sustainably native people lived prior to the 1700s, Amber Leonani Nahooikaika, Kuma Hula, Hālau Hula 'O Hokulani, began the conference by... Continue Reading →

Street Art

What is street art? Street art is visual art created and displayed in public locations, traditionally in the form of graffiti. Bringing art to the streets can engage people to create and observe who may not have a background in art or cannot afford to visit galleries. As street art is such a public art... Continue Reading →

Case Study- Placemaking Nairobi

Placemaking Nairobi is an organisation that brings together creative groups in Nairobi to get involved in placemaking schemes. Their most successful program is the annual ‘Placemaking Week’ that is held in Nairobi. The website describes it as “a week-long event that celebrates Nairobi’s public spaces and community-led activities which are revolutionising the use and experience... Continue Reading →

Case Study – Making Cities Together

The Kenya-based organisation Making Cities Together has run placemaking schemes for courtyards, a street and a park in Nairobi. The first project focuses on streets in Korogocho and partners with Hoperaisers to reclaim streets and public spaces in Nairobi. With the focus on young people in Korogocho, the project seeks to reclaim public space for... Continue Reading →

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