Mass Media (Radio)

Radio broadcasting is one of the first mediums for mass engagement and is still very important in Africa.  The reach of radio in many countries is very high. According to the UN, an estimated 44,000 radio stations broadcast to at least five billion people, representing 70 percent of the population worldwide. This means that radio... Continue Reading →


What is storytelling? Storytelling is the activity of sharing stories (often with the use of music, drama or dance) that is deeply culturally and socially embedded. Through storytelling culture is preserved and traditional moral values are instilled, whilst also providing communities with valuable opportunities to socialise and discuss issues. It’s a useful tool for integrating... Continue Reading →

Participatory Video

What is Participatory Video? A form of collaborative media where a group or community creates their own film, participatory video is unique as it allows the film maker and subject to be on equal weighting in terms of the production of a film. This means that the completed project is able to accurately portray the... Continue Reading →

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