Case Study – Mass Media (TV) Interview with Amanda Ngabirano about cycling in Kampala

This  is an interview with Amanda Ngabirano, a campaigner for cycling in Uganda, on popular TV station Celeb Select, Sanyu FM. Sanyu FM is the leading private radio station in East and Central Africa (their broadcasting footprint is a 100 KM radius around Kampala and Mbale) and their popular ‘Celeb Select’ segment features interviews with... Continue Reading →


Case Study – Zusha! National Road Safety Campaign

The Zusha! National Road Safety Campaign aims to reduce road accidents by encouraging passengers in PSVs (Public Service Vehicles) to speak out directly to their drivers against reckless driving. It has three main components: 1) Distribution of Zusha! safety stickers in PSVs 2) A media campaign delivered through radio, billboards, social media, newspaper advertisements, editorials,... Continue Reading →

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