Deciphering “Inclusive” Views through Participatory Mapping

African cities exhibit visible differentiations in terms of their social, economic and demographic composition.  These differentiations have given rise to the common use of the term ‘Inclusivity’ in planning, community and policy discussions where it is often used to solidify (or 'seem' to solidify) agendas of rights for vulnerable groups in the society. In the development arena, the pretext... Continue Reading →

Kilimani transport users survey

Following the successful Kilimani street festival participatory mapping session with local residents, the Ring Road team planned and formulated a creative questionnaire that targeted other transport users in the local vicinity. The questionnaire covered five modes of transport used in Kilimani: Pedestrians, cyclists, private vehicles, public service vehicles (taxis and matatus), and the boda bodas (motorcycles).... Continue Reading →

Case Study – Interactive Installation – The Dancing Traffic Light

Developed by SMART motor vehicles the dancing traffic light manikin is intended to raise the awareness of people at crossing points in order to make them wait and watch rather than walk through the red light. The movements of the manikin were motion captured from pedestrians in Lisbon, Portugal Watch the video

Case Study – TV – #twedekko

The Tweddeko - Every life matters campaign was launched in February 2017 by VivoEnergy and was aired on NTV Uganda three times, every week day, and backed by a social media campaign #Twedekko. It ran until Dec 2017. The TV slot featured stories of lives that have been impacted by road traffic crashes with an... Continue Reading →

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