Visit the i-CMiiST You Tube channel for a selection of videos from both CMIIST and i-CMiiST.

Critical Mass Cycle Ride

Placemaking Week, Nairobi 2018

Timelapse of Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi

About the Project

Steve Cinderby talks about how i-CMiiST started


First appeared on National Ugandan TV

The Kampala Active Mobility Project team have worked with Bat Valley and Buganda Rd schools using creative methods to engage them about road safety issues.

I-CMiiST held an Urban Dialogue on how to make the streets of Nairobi safer.

Constant Cap on urban planning using creative methods for YaYa junction one of the i-CMiIST case studies in Nairobi

i-CMiiST appearance on Spark TV in Uganda talking about the kampala active mobility project and Kampala Capital City Authority’s (KCCA) planned improvements to Namirembe Rd (In Lugandan – translation to follow).

Videos from the CMIIST workshop held in Nairobi, 2017

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