What Namirembe road looks like through lens of a wearable camera

Using wearable camera as one of the creative methods, the Kampala i-CMiiST team  walked along Namirembe road to capture what it looks like now.

Why Namirembe road? This is an area due for transformation by the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to include a pedestrian walkway and cycling lane. The city authority also intends to limit the number of private cars that ply this road.

Here are some shots captured using a wearable camera showing some of the issues that are expected to be fixed as road is transformed into pedestrian and cycle only route.

A helmet on the boda boda (motorcycle taxi) as the owner awaits for customers. Boda boda is one of the most used means of transport in Kampala but passengers are usually not given helmets to cover them in case of accidents. In transforming Namirembe road, boda boda cyclists will be restricted to use the road.
A woman seen on Namirembe road carrying backpack from the front. It is common for people to carry their bags that way to prevent their property being stolen by pickpockets that are common along the route. When thieves snatch people’s property, they easily disappear between the congested vehicles. When the route is turned into pedestrian and cyclist only place, it is hoped to make it safer for people and their property.
A pothole along Namirembe road and damaged walkway means it dangerous for people to walk along this route. People don’t just fears cars but also the infrastructure is not friendly.
The road is not marked to show which place belongs to which user. This has created confusion and many pedestrians end up being knocked or injured by harrying motorists.
The damaged pavements, which act as walkways at the same time, means users risk being injured. Shop owners my not work as they should be as customers find it troublesome to jump over unfriendly infrastructure to enter the shop to make any purchases.


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